Karen Sisco (Episodes Guide)

1.01 – Blown Away (aired on October 1, 2003)
Directed by Michael Dinner | Written by Elmore Leonard & Bob Brush

A female U.S. marshal (Carla Gugino) pursues fugitives on Miami’s Gold Coast; Karen dates a charter fisherman (Patrick Dempsey) who is wanted by the FBI.

1.02 – Dumb Bunnies (aired on October 8, 2003)
Directed by Jeremy Kagan | Written by John Mankiewicz

When two brothers steal a mob boss’s (Danny DeVito) baseball, Karen turns to their mother (Rhea Perlman) to help find them before they get bumped off.

1.03 – The One That Got Away (aired on October 15, 2003)
Directed by Michael Dinner | Written by Jason Smilovic

A con artist (guest star Thomas Kretschmann) manages to slip away from Karen as soon as he disembarks from the airplane; a former mob accountant (guest star Xander Berkeley) leaves the witness protection program; Karen’s old flame (guest star Peter Horton) returns.

1.04 – Justice (aired on October 22, 2003)
Directed by John David Coles | Written by Charles H. Eglee & Robert Palm

Karen teams up with a marshal (Gary Cole) to hunt down three parolees on a crime spree, unaware that the lawman plans to mete out a deadly sentence of his own.

1.05 – Nostalgia (aired on October 29, 2003)
Directed by Steve Miner | Written by Jason Smilovic

Karen apprehends a counterfeiter who claims they went to high school together; an ex-convict decides to settle an old score with Marshall.

1.06 – Dear Derwood (aired on November 5, 2003)
Directed by Charles Haid | Written by Bob Brush & Peter Lefcourt & Jason Smilovic

Karen’s assignment to bring in a prison escapee wreaks havoc with her budding romance with a Miami Marlins pitcher (Eduardo Verastegui).

1.07 – Nobody’s Perfect (aired on November 12, 2003)
Directed by Michael Katleman | Written by Peter Lefcourt

Karen is assigned to track down an accountant accused of murder and theft; an attractive woman wants Marshall to follow her adulterous husband.

1.08 – Dog Day Sisco (aired on November 19, 2003)
Directed by Rick Wallace | Written by Sebastian Gutierrez

No plot available at this time.

1.09 – No One’s Girl (aired on November 26, 2003)
Directed by David Carson | Written by John Landgraf

Karen’s maternal skills are put to the test when she guards a tough-minded, 11-year-old girl who was the only witness to a murder.

1.10 – He Was a Friend of Mine (aired on December 3, 2003)
Directed by Kathryn Bigelow | Written by Peter Lefcourt

Marshall reveals a life-altering secret to Sisco; Amos gives Sisco the task of going under cover after a drug dealer.